We contribute creative capital.
We fertilize form + function.

We work at all scales, and, if the fit is right, will attempt to design/build anything. We specialize in unusual, obscure, complex challenges.

Our ‘designgineering’ team combines in-house talent with chosen outsourced gurus, dynamically partnered per demand. Energized by ambitious goals, we are optimistic, believing there is almost always a better way.

We leverage contemporary technology with consideration for the established to enable far-reaching, cost-effective executions. If for what you seek the conventional is unmentionable, we are glad you are here.

We are an organization of united individuals, driving towards complete, efficient, unique objective resolution. Consider yourself part of the team.

We wish to work with positive persons towards purposeful ends.

We are just getting underway.
Voyage with us.

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Public Installations • Kinetics/Mechanisms • Guerrilla Marketing • Retail Displays • Large-Format/Atypical-Surface Signage • Jingles • Film-Scoring • Guitar Solos • Motion Graphics • Eateries • Catering • Landscapes • Portraits


Gonzo Journalism • High-Yield Greenhouses • Facilities + Innovations for the Disabled • Observation Towers • Bridges • Libraries + Civic Buildings • Performing-Arts Venues/Concert Halls • Stadiums/Olympic Complexes • Zoos • Natural-Environment Energy Extractors • Airline Branding • Personal Transportation Solutions • Airports + Transit Terminals • Municipal Infrastructure • Houses of Worship • Oxygen-Rich Sleeping Chambers • Memorials • Fun-Zones • Musical Instruments • Pizzeria Consultation • Sports Franchise Management • Conflict Resolution • Crisis Management • Celebrations • Wedding Planning • Marriage Counseling • Pyrotechnics • Exercise + Nutrition Consultation • Curriculum Design • Conspiracy Theory Conceptualization + Debunking • Iconoclastic Campaigns • Moustraps • Handbag Knockoffs • Oil Changes

*Not all specialty services available all the time. Special rates apply. Experience not implied. Satisfaction guaranteed.
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The careful application of both formula + whim to arrive at rationally selective simplified solutions imbued with beauty + expression.

We are passionate, playful, perfecting. We produce to a polish, or we polish your production. We push for progress. Practicality is paramount.

We develop because we research. We are augmented via the age of information. We experiment + examine. Curiosity is often our guide. Occasionally, we can be high-concept, big-thinkers. Luck is not nothing.


When designing, we feel it our duty to be obsessive and exacting — it is an opportunity to inspire + enlighten. Ultimately, good design is a humane service. And simply, doing good work is satisfying.

We think it is OK to sometimes not know the answer.
We don't think it is OK to not make an all-out effort finding one.

We embrace mistakes as valuable educational encounters on the path of growth, inherent to doing. We shun total failure.

The trend is so often to increase complexity, add features, make the piece itself ‘smarter’.
We strive to simplify.


We know people.
We assemble talent — a liaison with effective folk.

We are ‘conductors’ in the dual meaning; we transfer energy + direct ambitions. We are part dispatcher and part directory.

We have a dynamic competency via ‘elastic’ employment of Human resources, expanding and contracting per project.